Our Product

QoLware Smart Emergency Solution is the first intelligent sensor-based system for smart health monitoring and personal emergency response that helps elderly and individuals with severe chronic disease live autonomously and safely.

How It Works


The smartwatch measures physiological signals, such as body movements, heart rate or temperature, and sends an alarm when a health-related emergency is detected. Users can activate or deactivate the alarm at the push of a button.


When an alarm is triggered, a voice call is established to check the health status of the user and take appropriate action. The system works indoors and outdoors.


A mobile application receives the position of the user and displays it on a map. The application is also used to configure alarm options and select responders.

A 24/7 wearable health monitoring and emergency alarm system 

Automatic Detection of Emergency-Situations

Detects automatically emergency events 24/7 and everywhere.

Emergency Alert

Signals an alert automatically or manually by pushing the buttom and informs the emergency contact (family members, friends, professional emergency services) via call or massage.

Indoor & Outdoor Localization

Tracks your localization – indoor and outdoor. In an emergency situation your contact person will get a notification where you are.


Tracks you when leaving a safe area or paths. Your contact person will be  notified if you get lost.


Enables to call your contact person at any time and to get a direct voice feedback.

Health and Activity Monitoring

Monitors your state of health 24/7: body temperature, heart rate, body activity – no matter where you are and what you are doing.


With QoLware’s smartwatch-solution you can stay safe and independent no matter where you are and what you are doing.