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Your Digital Health & Emergency Assistant for mobile devices – all in One.

LOLA Lite for Smartwatches with Android Wear 2 is coming soon. Stay tuned!


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The first wearable solution developed for continuous, real-time health and emergency assistance in daily life. Anytime. Anywhere.

Much more than just health monitoring.

LOLA automatically records your physiological signs and this way monitors your health status 24/7.
Use LOLA to get a personal overview of your activity levels, distance walked, your emotional health, fatigue symptoms and sleep regularity. Based on collected data, LOLA supports you to detect health risks and disease indicators at early stage.

Improve your health with the state of the art technology.

SOS Call

Constant safety in case of any emergency.

SOS Call send directly from your smartwatch can help you get out of life-threatening situations through the direct connection to your individually pre-defined emergency contacts, such as family members, caregivers or emergency call centers.

Maximum safety on your wrist without the need to carry any other mobile device.

Reminder Functions

Your smart personal medication reminder.

Lola makes it easy to manage and view all of your medications in one place. Set your medications schedules from your smartphone or let your family members or caregivers set it for you. LOLA prompts you always when it‘s time to take your medication.
See how many days in row you‘ve taken your medicine and when you have missed it. Improve your daily routines. Reminders can be setup & scheduled as one-off or repeating alerts.

Individually optimized.

LOLA can be individually optimized to your current needs and health conditions.
Select the functionalities that you currently need and extend them constantly anytime you wish. Easy to update as your daily activities change.

Detection and monitoring of epileptic seizures.

The first smartwatch-based and real-time solution.

LOLA is the first smartwatch-based solution that allows automatic monitoring, detection and registration of epileptic seizures and provides assistance as soon as possible.
Connection to smart-home components allows epileptic patients to get the necessary stimuli while they await professional help.

Localization and Geofencing

LOLA tracks your current location so that your exact GPS position is always known in case of emergency. Indoor and Outdoor.
Caregivers can set-up ‚safe areas‘ within which smartwatch wearers are considered safe. Exiting the areas will be always notified, giving this way a maximum of freedom to go for a walk and to enjoy social activities.

Automatic Fall Detection.

In emergency situations response time matters.

LOLA automatically detects falls and summons help.
Once the fall is detected, LOLA alerts your pre-defined emergency contacts by call and SMS providing GPS location information. The ability to cancel the alarm manually within a given time frame minimizes the risk of false alarms.
Choose your individual emergency contacts in seconds.

Maximum safety without the need to push the emergency button.