The First Health Monitoring and Emergency Alarm System for Your Smartwatch

QoLware provides the first intelligent sensor-based system for smart health monitoring and personal emergency response that helps elderly and individuals with severe chronic disease live autonomously and safely.

Our smartwatch-based application unobtrusively records a person’s physiological signals and detects patterns associated with health-related emergencies such as injurious falls, loss of consciousness or epileptic seizures. Dedicated caretakers are automatically informed about such a situation and provided with a precise localization of the person in need of help. In addition, the application uses these signals to provide users with feedback about the progress of their health status and their daily physical activity, encouraging changes toward an independent and healthier lifestyle.

QoLware’s solution provides maximum safety and autonomy for people with special needs and a peace-of-mind for caregivers and family members.

Innovative Solution For

Private Users

Personal emergency system for frail seniors living alone, people at high risk of suffering from health-related emergencies, such as: stroke, MS, epileptic or CVD patients.

Professional Health Care Providers

An innovative solution for professional emergency service providers and stationary care providers such as: nursing homes, hospitals, Rehab centers.


QoLware’s technology is based on the results of extensive research in bio-signal pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms conducted at the Technical University Munich.  Several cycles of testing using real data and validations with real end-users enable us to provide not only state of the art technology but also technology that better fits the market’s needs.

Unique Value


Know-how of the market conditions, important market players and customer needs.


With proprietary algorithms.


Access to main distribution channels in Germany that cover more than 50% of the emergency response systems’ market.

Current Situation

Qolware is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Union, as part of an Excellence program in Innovative Technologies. 

To fulfill the needs of our prospective customers, we cooperate intensively with big hospitals and health care institutions in Bavaria (Germany), like the Malteser, Red Cross or the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.



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